Specification Surface Finishes Edge Finishes Quality Control Criteria Packing

Tiles: Standard dimensions

12" x 12" / 305 x 305 x 10mm  24” x 12” / 610 x 305 x 10mm
16" x 16" / 405 x 405 x 10mm
18" x 18" / 457 x 457 x 12mm
24" x 24" / 610 x 610 x 20mm

Cut-to-sizes: From 200 X 200 mm up to 1200 X 1200 mm, square, rectangular or inclined cutting

Strips / Skirtings Free Length

Skirting / borders: Free length ( 500mm ~ 800mm)x80mmx10mm (one length side polished and bevelled)

Free Length strips: (500 ~ 800mm) x 300mm x 12mm / 15mm

Slabs: Any Random Size  60up x 120up x 2 cm, 60up x 120up x 3 cm, 230up x 120up x 2 cm, 230up x 120up x 3cm, 250up x 150up x 2 cm.

Honed Flamed Sandblasted
  • POLISHED: Satin smooth finish achieved using Diamond Abrasives.
  • HONED: A smooth finish with a slight sheen, produced by using special polishing abrasives.
  • FLAMED: The top surface of the Granite Tile /Slabs are burnt off, giving an irregular texture.
  • SANDBLASTED: Sawn stone Granite Tiles/Slabs are coarsely polished thus removing saw marks and leaves a semi-smooth, blasted finish.
  • BRUSHED: The Honed / Flamed / Sandblasted, Granite Tiles / Slabs are finished using nylon or diamond brushes.
  • SATINATO: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are honed and brushed.
  • ANTIQUE: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are flamed and brushed.
  • LEATHER: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are brushed, using a series of diamond brushes for a leather texture.
  • LAPPATTURA: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are brushed, polished and again brushed for a combination of polished and honed finish.

TILES:  Polished/ Beveled/ Calibrated

SLABS: We are able to provide various edge finishes as per the customers requirement


Polishing will be uniform throughout the slabs/tiles and in gloss meter as:

--  For Black Tiles / Slabs : Polishing +95 in gloss meter
--  For Colored Tiles / Slabs : Polishing +85 in gloss meter


Flaming will be uniform throughout the slabs/tiles and brushed evenly on slabs after flaming


+/- 1.0mm in tolerance for slabs  ;  +/-  0.5mm  in tolerance for tiles


  +/- 0.1mm in tolerance for tiles

  1. Tiles are packed in Styrofoam boxes or sheets and are further packed into sea worthy wooden crates.  Polythene wrapper is made to cover the entire material inside the wooden crate. The wooden crate is strapped and tightened by steel bands.
  2. Slabs are well packed in wooden crates with polished face to face.
For Tiles (10-12mm thickness) every 6-10pcs in one polystyrene box and then packing into strong wooden crates.
For random size slabs packed Into wooden bundles
For tiles (20mm above thickness) packed in strong wooden crates covered with transparent plastic film to prevent rain and dust.
Random Slabs in Container for Export

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